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Skilled Advocacy For Estate And Trust Litigation

A death in the family often creates tension or brings up old resentments. Instead of grieving your loved one, you are sidetracked by an inheritance dispute or allegations of fraud and elder abuse.

I am Annette Goudy, an experienced trial lawyer with 30 years of experience in civil litigation, including probate and trust disputes. I represent heirs and beneficiaries, excluded heirs, and fiduciaries (personal representatives and trustees) on either side of these conflicts. I will zealously advocate for your rights while pursuing the most favorable resolution, in or out of court.

Experience With The Full Spectrum Of Disputes

I have handled will contests and trust litigation relating to:

  • Undue influence in convincing an elderly person to alter their will or estate plan
  • Fraud or forgery of estate documents
  • Misappropriation of heirlooms and assets of the estate
  • Lack of testamentary capacity to sign a will
  • Lack of proper signature or witnesses
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Other elder financial abuse such as off-book “loans” or draining bank accounts

I represent the aggrieved parties, such as children of the deceased who believe they were unfairly cut out of an expected inheritance. I have also represented those accused of wrongdoing, such as executors or trustees who are suspected of misusing their authority or dereliction of their court-appointed duties.

Contested conservatorship or guardianship
If an elderly person becomes incapacitated without powers of attorney or other estate planning safeguards, it may be necessary to petition the court for authority over that person’s personal care and/or finances. I assist family members in establishing conservatorship in emergency situations, and I can advocate for the ward or a relative who objects to the nominee or the need for conservatorship. I also have experience in proceedings for guardianship of minor children and adult disabled children.

Estate Litigation Is Complex And Emotional

I have a background in divorce and family law litigation as well as probate and trust litigation. There is a great deal of overlap, namely in how family dynamics and family history can complicate estate-related disputes. Those insights enable to identify the core conflicts and strategize accordingly. I have specific experience dealing with probate disputes relating to adopted children and inheritance rights of children in blended families.

Get Experienced And Dependable Representation

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