A Legacy Of Trusted Care

Put Your Wishes In Writing And Protect The Ones You Love

The future is unknown, but you can create a plan for dealing with whatever happens, whenever it happens. At Law Offices Of Annette L. Goudy, I help individuals and families draft clear and comprehensive wills. A will can express your wishes and guide your loved ones in the event of your death.

Whether you are just starting a family or you are well into retirement, I believe everyone should have a last will and testament. I have seen firsthand the avoidable heartache and family chaos when people die without one.

Make The Most Of Your Will

A will is a declaration and a roadmap for those you leave behind. From years of experience as a family law attorney, I am keenly aware of family dynamics and the importance of orderly estate planning. I will sit down with you to discuss your goals and your wishes so we can put them in writing.

My customized and comprehensive wills can address many scenarios, including:

  • Who you want to inherit (and any heirs you want to exclude)
  • What property each of your heirs should inherit
  • Stipulations on inheritance
  • Forgiveness of certain debts
  • Nomination of guardians who would look after your minor children
  • Naming a trusted person as executor
  • Arranging for care of your pets
  • Funeral arrangements and burial or cremation

Get Started Today

If you died without a will in place, the California laws of succession (intestacy) would govern how your estate is distributed. That could have unintended consequences. When you have a will in place, you control what happens and ensure that your wishes are expressed to your loved ones. If you are ready to take this important step, call my Newport Beach office today at 888-399-8988 or email me to get the process started.